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those who dare to teach must never cease to learn

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Name:Kaptain Von
Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"I think when you're putting forward a point of view there's two ways of doing it, one is to say something positive and the other is to criticise the negative. It's a bit like the sculptor who was asked 'How do you sculpt an elephant?', and just said 'I just take a block of marble and then knock away all the bits that don't look like an elephant.' In other words, by criticising certain things you help to define, by implication, what is sensible."
-- John Cleese

There you have it. Me, in a nutshell - right down to borrowing someone else's words. Oh, you want more? Okay. I teach English and Drama, in varying contexts but currently as a freelance one-to-one tutor; I live in the great decay of England's Black Country, surrounded by industrial waste, with a lovely lady who answers to [personal profile] hark, very seldom updates her journals, and is much, much funnier than me; I am actively pursuing a PhD in English Literature, having tried and failed to be socially relevant and come to the conclusion that I hate writing about education theory and don't fancy doing it for the rest of my professional life.


White heterosexual middle-class British male, living above the poverty line, with no major physical atypicalities to speak of, a tendency to mansplain that may or may not have Significant Associations given my career choice, and a lot of stock suburbanite guilt that sends me into privilege paralysis every other day.

I am, in short, the Enemy. I'm not happy about it either.


All the interesting content here is public. Subscribe freely - subscriptions, like bow ties, are cool. I'll return it if you write interesting things.

Also, I don't believe in 'inactive entries', so read/comment on anything you feel like reading/commenting on. If you do believe in inactive entries I'll try to remember that, but sometimes I get excited about content and don't notice date-stamps. Hopefully that's not a problem.

That's too much like Serious Business for my liking, but I'm told people like these things to be explicit, and the only Drama I like is the stuff I teach.


I also write GAME OVER, a blog about wargames and roleplaying games.


I play the Master in [ profile] radio_sonic's run of Doctor Who fan audios.

Interests (144):

1000 blank white cards, absurdist theatre, anachronisms, anarcho-syndicalism, anthony neilsen, anything but "pure squee", architectural consistency, arthuriana, asking too many questions, assimilation, beautiful bohemian women, black comedy, call of cthulhu, cats, chaos, classic rock, clockwork, coining terms, comparative mythology, conspiracy theories, cooking, crustaceans, cthulhu & his friends, cybermen, cyborgs, dancing very very badly, debunking fallacious education theories, discordianism, discworld, doc martens, doctor who, douglas adams, dungeon keeper, erotic mind control, fanbaiting, fanfiction, farscape, femmeslash, fencing, figure painting, firefly, free speech, gallifreyan buccaneers, game design, game theory, going beyond either-or, gonzo journalism, gothic things, grammar, hugs, humour, identity crises, illegible handwriting, illuminatus!, iron kingdoms, irony, kim newman, knife play, la vie boheme, laveyan satanism, lawrence miles, libraries, long words, low fantasy, lurking, lyrics, macintosh osx, manic-depressive mood swinging, merlin, messy rooms, michael moorcock, michel foucault, moral relativism, multi-tiered satire, narrative convenience, necromancy, nick cave, operation mindfuck, overdue library books, panto, paradigm shifts, parentheses, percy bysshe shelley, petty tyranny, pirates of the caribbean, playing with words, pope hats, pornography that's actually erotic, pre-raphaelites, procrastinating, proper pubs, psionic sex, punctuation, punk rock chicks, punk with decent lyrics, purple prose, quaint compound word hyphenation, quotations, reading, remixed classical music, research, ridiculous threats, rocking out, roleplaying games, sarcasm, savage worlds, scathing diatribes, self-referential prose, sensuality, sharp tongues, sherlock holmes, shiny things, short poems, singing in showers, steampunk, subtext, swearing, t. h. white, t. s. eliot, talking, tea, teaching, temporary obsessions, the futility of resistance, the klf, the sisters of mercy, the word 'weskit', theatre, transmetropolitan, undead, unpacking privilege, useless information, vampire chic, victoriana, warhammer, warmachine, william blake, wit, witch boobs, world of darkness, world of warcraft, writing, zero punctuation, zombies
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